Published on 25th Apr 2020


I hope one day I stop building other's dream and start working on my own. to achieve that I decided I will pick up a few abandoned projects. Dust them off, and make it to the first release.
It was about time to start building towards my goals.
The plan
Starting a project can never happen without a plan. This is one of the first rules that I made sure I follow. Don't start coding until there is a plan what is the expectation and the result.
Thankfully Github is perfect to keep everything in one place, for a project planning I stick to my engineering side and spin up a quick repository with a simple Kanban Project and sketch out my ideal V1 state.
Creating tickets helps me realise the time I have to allocate and spend on various tasks and I can plan forward with my time during the Year.

No deadlines! I got enough of them on my day to day job, but seeing a green bar filling up with completed tasks is inspiring enough to keep pushing onward.
V1 releases are usually a significantly long stretch. It doesn't have to be crazy AAA level application, but software development is also a notable time investment. So milestones got introduced as a small batch of features or improvements as early releases like
Milestones help me feel some accomplishment and keep me engaged on the topic even when life is happening. Plus, it enables me to showcase what I am currently working on and let others try out my app.
Before we code
Before writing code, I started linking CI/CD service, which turned out just amazing. I have learned a lot about Github workflows and it helps a lot catching minor issues and consistency in my project.
The CD pipeline is an immense help with deployment. When I get questions about my progress I can easily show the app state or invite people to join as testers.
I stumble upon
, and they gave me huge inspiration to start building something similar. Lately, I was looking into ways of podcasting anyhow and this would surely improve my writing and speaking skills. So, I will start creating my devlog and hope I will see you in the first season! 🙂