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Published on 13th Feb 2022
Capt Compass E4 - Upgrade to Flutter 2.10
The new Windows stable platform provides a brand new market for app developers. It is a new market to extend the reach for my app and experiment with mobile and desktop platform differences.
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Published on 23rd Nov 2021
Capt Compass E3 - Dev Lab
What is exactly a developer page? How is it helpful for us? Can we simply rely on Flutter’s hot reload? In this post, I describe why to build a developer page and provide examples of use-cases.
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Published on 2nd Jun 2021
Capt Compass E2 - Feature Flags
When it comes to hobby project having a feeling of progress is important, but how should we handle a feature that takes multiple tasks to finish? In this devlog I will show how I managed to tackle this problem for my own project.
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Published on 11th Apr 2021
Capt Compass E1 - cleaning up the codebase
A lot has happened since the latest devlog. Almost a year passed without an update. The pandemic and switching job kept my focus away from my side project, but I am finally back and keep pushing the limits. No new or left behind the project as promised! So let's just jump in the code see what needs to change under the hood!
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Published on 11th Sep 2020
Podcast that you can not put down
Headphones on, Podcast playing and Autopilot turned on.
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Published on 2nd May 2020
Capt Compass E0 - First Season
It takes a while to find a good niche on the app store, while I have been researching the field, I thought, it is a good idea to start building a tool for myself.
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Published on 25th Apr 2020
It was about time to start building towards my goals.
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